Born in New York and raised in Northern California, Kelly Stewart Vogel learned to sing around midnight campfires, in church choirs, and within the loving swell of raucus gospel groups. She polished her vocal chops in San Francisco rock bands but found her niche in the the city's singer-songwriter scene, honing her piano-playing and singing into a soulful, haunting sound. Infused with gospel, blues, jazz, folk, and pop, Kelly's music is a composite of opposites, a found sound weaving together catchy piano riffs, rich vocals, and memorable melodies. As one writer put it, "you might hear influences in Kelly's music, but Kelly has a unique approach to lyrics, singing, and piano-playing. She is a true original and an exciting talent."

Her lyrics are honest, intimate portraits of people, relationships, and events, and reveal a rich and colorful landscape of emotion where the internal often trumps the external. Her songwriting reflects her love of the written word, in all its colorful, stark, opaque, transparent beauty, and draws on her experience as a writing teacher and accomplished prose writer.

Kelly holds a BA in English and Textual Studies from Syracuse University and an MA in Literature from Mills College in Oakland, California. She has made the cross-country leap from San Francisco to Easthampton, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and daughter (herself a budding songstress). Kelly can be found performing with the Northampton women's a cappella gospel group Ku'umba, and is currently working on songs for her fourth album.